Saturday, June 20, 2009

road trip day 1

First of all, last night my friends came over to say good bye and then they stayed to help me pack! I literally could not have done it without them. If Tess and Nate had not packed my car with their amazing Tetris-like skills I would most likely have ended up sitting in the middle of my living room floor in tears instead of on the road at 10 am—my entire life is in there and I honestly have no idea how it all fit. They very truly saved me. Plus Autumn stopped by and helped box (and re-box), Dave helped lift the carrier on top of the roof (then disappeared to find a motorcycle magazine to feed his obession) and Megan cleaned my room. True friends indeed.
This morning I said good bye to Megan. It was a tragic tale of granola and separation.
On our way down south we saw these windmills that I've seen at the base of the hills from campus and I never thought I would see in person. I love alternative energy.
Lots of bugs got stuck on the roofbag. Claire thought they looked delicious. They were not.
We are in Colorado and so are our feet! (Perhaps Aleisha's own feet once trod this very same trail...?)
I was coughing. Coughing out my voice.
...while Claire frolicked and tried to avoid the cacti. 

Today we drove through Utah, Colorado, and Kansas. We left Utah at 10 am and arrived in Hays, Kansas at 1:30 am Kansas time. Driving across the country is the best.

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Anonymous said...

hey! I have family in Hays Kansas! Small world!