Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the moose that wouldn't die

So remember when a moose hit my car in the parking lot of the Marriott Center? And remember how Dale Liechty and he said that he would fight tooth and nail to get the state to pay for the damages to my car? Well it turns out that Dale is a liar. Sad because he sounded like such a nice guy over the phone.

I got a call from the Wildlife Resources insurance agent Jim Christensen yesterday at 7 am to inform me that they have evaluated my claim and, oh, determined that they are not at fault. They followed protocol so the fact that the moose damaged my car to the tune of $1500 is not their responsibility; no people were injured, just property. Really. Really?!

Well, my dad didn't like that. He didn't like that at all. So what did he do? He called people he knows who know stuff about sticking it to the man. And today ABC's Channel 4 News came down to do a little story on the whole thing. For real. The idea was to get the state to pay attention so they realize that just because they are the government they can't just do what they want. Granted, a two minute slot on a local news show is most likely not going to change anything, but it was worth a shot. We'll see what happens.

Here are some sketchy stalker pictures that Stephanie took of me talking to Kerry and the camera guy in my back parking lot by the car. They were both super nice and helpful. Stephanie too. As soon as the video is posted on the ABC website I'll be sure to link it here (under Local and State News: "Drugged moose falls on cars; state won't pay for the damages"). Follow that link to watch the news clip or just enjoy these lovely photos. Follow your heart.


Autumn said...

I think I can quote the thing you said of: "I just assumed her Dad got free stuff, like my Dad knew people so I was like...Mmmm whatever."

What a way to cause a stink, good job for your Dad! The photos are cute, look at you!

Anonymous said...

You, what a victim of the Man. Now stick it to Him!

Anonymous said...

What is your relationship with the universe that you would have a moose land on your car? It must be a very very interesting one. Who knows, this may be the first episode in a great memoir.

Wow! Think about it. You got fame at a pretty good price. Ask your dad if he doesn't think it's a deal at $1500. I'll bet it cost him a lot more.

I loved seeing you on TV. Good job of being level headed and beautiful all at the same time! -Hugs, Aunt Deb

Andrea and Eric Stevens said...

You are so famous!!!! Eric and I saved the Daily Herald with your story on the front page! Good work Eltons.

megalicious said...

How come I never knew about all these moose shenanigans? Or did you tell me and I was just not listening? It could be a mini-series, I think.