Sunday, May 17, 2009

saturday's market, cousins, and more nuptials

This morning I went to Portland's Saturday Market and it completed me. My favorite stand was the Spoonman. I bought fork/spoon earrings and a fork ring. I loff them. 

Additionally, I got to see my cousin Treva, her husband Chad and their kids Anna and Tate! That also completed me. Especially when they told me that if I decide I want to move to Portland I am welcome to live in their soon-to-be-refinished basement while I figure things out. Very very tempting. Also they have chickens so that they can have their own free-range eggs. What? I love Portland. Also my cousins.

I took the MAX to the airport (also I love public transportation—which, by the way, I had the epiphany that airplanes are public transportation! So... all those people who think they're better than everyone else and say that they could never use public transportation most likely definitely have. So take that!) so that I could get back to Utah in time for my friend Brock's wedding reception in American Fork. Yes, the entire world is getting married. And, you guessed it, Brock and Kate are another meant-to-be couple. She is a photography major, Brock is a fabulous photographer. Kate lived in Spain for 3 years and speaks Spanish fluently, I met Brock on our study abroad to Spain and he was the fastest Spanish language learner of us all. And, most importantly, they love each other. And I love them. And hopefully they love me enough to wear the Cassi shirts that I made them...

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