Sunday, May 17, 2009 my life i've loved them all

I came to the realization today that people are leaving. I've mostly been focused on the people I will be leaving, like Jen and Megan, Aleisha and Claire, or my aunt Taunya, people that will be left behind here in Utah, at least for a short while, while I go off to start my post-college life...wherever. But today while I was at church, wondering if there was teacher prep today, I looked around for Louis to ask him. And he wasn't there. He is in Chile on an internship and I will most likely not see him again for a very long time. Then there's Sydney who's going to Nepal on Tuesday, Chaela who will be doing EFY all summer, and Stephanie who is in Nevada working on a farm. Brad is leaving Tuesday to go to Florida to work at Disney World (or is it Disney Land? I always get those two confused...). These are people that I really care about who have become an integral part of my life in the past year and even longer. And pretty soon they won't be.

I'm not the kind of person who cries at good byes. I'm the kind of person who looks at people crying and thinks, "Really? Suck it up." But then about a week later when it sinks in that I won't be seeing those people every day or even once a month I will cry alone in my bed as I fall asleep. I'm happy to say that the crying hasn't started yet, and I predict it won't until I'm in the Poconos in Pennsylvania in a cabin full of 10-year-old girls lying exhausted and feeling alone. And that's when I will miss them most.


Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

i miss you already.

Anna said...

Thank you for quoting the Beatles. And I know exactly what you're talking about.

They call me Lou said...

I miss our fun conversations and your witty remarks. Thanks for being such a good friend.