Monday, May 11, 2009

a case of the mondays

Today I skipped all my classes. Probably not the best move since I'll be missing these same classes on Friday for my roommate Kirsten's wedding. Oh well. There was something about today that just called for non-conformity. It was beautiful outside and I just couldn't stand sitting in the basement of the JFSB for four hours missing it all. Granted, I spent a good portion of the day indoors anyway finally putting my spring clothes into the closet and drawers and out of the boxes that have been cluttering up my floor for the past couple weeks, but still. My room has windows. I also mailed my mother her (late) Mothers' Day gift, made my wedding gift for Brock and Kate (Cassi shirts. What? They asked for them!), and went to our ward FHE at the park... not exactly sticking it to the man, but it was fun. I met some nice new people in the ward. Maybe we will be friends for the next 2 months. Maybe longer. Who knows?

Tonight I will be going to see the Star Trek movie with Louis and Sydney. Louis was supposed to be in Chile on an internship but he missed his flight today. Ba haha. Poor kid. But I'm glad because it means we get to hang out a little more before he's gone forever. Also I will get to see Sydney who I have not seen since she moved out. And I miss her. Like the sun misses the flower.


Autumn said...

Skipping classes is good for you!
(and how did you make the cute Cassi face shirts?)

Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

no, I miss you. I am soo glad we did that. spock is spicy! ha!

They call me Lou said...

Bahahaha. Such very good times were had on that occasion! Oh, the pictures were pretty great too.