Saturday, May 16, 2009

it's a nice day for a white wedding

Today Kirsten and Brett were sealed for time and all eternity. Can you tell that they are insanely happy about that? And I am also happy. I was lucky enough to be invited up to Portland for the celebration and I had the best time. I have never been a member of a wedding party, and even though I was only a second-string bridesmaid it made everything that much more fun. 

I have only known Kirsten and Brett as a unit (when she moved into the Pink House in fall of 08 they were already dating) but their one-ness makes perfect sense to me. They are one of those couples that you see and say, "Oh yes, of course you are meant to be together" (bonus points if you can remember who else I've said that about in this blog). I am so happy for them and their new life together and I just hope that they don't forget about those of us they've left behind.

Another event of note: my friend Kait Morgan (at whose house I was able to stay for the duration of my Portland visit) got engaged today to a fabulous young man named Erik Smith (yet another couple made for each other). Love is clearly in the air.


Autumn said...

I think I know who else you said that about...points!

Her dress is beautiful and they look so cute and happy. I am glad you are had a good time visiting up at their wedding.

Kirsten said...

I just found out you had a blog! And I just found out that you blogged about me! I feel so special! I'm glad you could come to portland and celebrate with us!