Sunday, September 29, 2013

puppy heaven

We went to the Iowa City dog park for the first time today with our friends Kyle and Claire who are visiting us with their dog Joshua. I was pretty nervous since I'd not only never taken Loki to a dog park before, but I'd never even been to a dog park before: I had no idea what to expect.

When we got there what I found I'd discovered was in fact puppy heaven. We went in through the front double gates and took Loki and Joshua off their leashes before letting them into the park. I was worried that Loki would take off and I wouldn't be able to see him or get him to come back if I needed him, but he kinda hung around close-ish to us for a bit, then started to explore the park and meet other dogs and their humans. He was so comfortable and everyone was so friendly! It was like the exact opposite of our dog-filled neighborhood where just the other day someone yelled at me while I was picking up my dog's poop from their yard and I feel like everyone hates our dogs because Liza barks so much. It was sunny and lovely and even though it was my first time I felt such a sense of dog-loving community. I seriously could have stayed there all day, but we'd left Braeden and Liza at home (we weren't sure if it would be Liza's thing) and I wanted nothing more than for all of us to be there together. I'm now determined to take both our pups back every Sunday afternoon for some lovely family outside play time. Just thinking about it makes me feel happy inside.

Loki was having so much fun I couldn't get him to sit still for a picture.
He was so worn out he would flop down next to me,
but as soon as he saw another dog run by he just had to join in the fun!
Thanks, Kyle and Claire, for helping me see the light and showing me that doggy heaven was closer than I ever imagined. And thanks, Iowa City, for having the best dog park Kyle and Claire have been to in all the ones they've visited in over 20 states. Seriously. Great work!

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Marsha Paulsen Peters said...

We haven't a dog but that doesn't keep me from visiting the happy dogs and folk at the nearby dog park here in Helsinki Finland. >> LOVE << and all without a leash.