Tuesday, February 28, 2012

some updates...

Braed and I have been doing lots of reorganizing of our house recently. We've been on a Hoarders binge and it scares the crap out of us: we don't want to be like those people with their houses piled high with stuff and unable to part with it despite the emotional and physical harm that results from holding on to it. So we've been sorting and purging and re-arranging and sometimes my restlessness and need for change drives Braeden a little crazy, but he is very supportive and willing to give new things a try, even if he hates them at first.

We've also started work on our first collaborative book! It's a book of my grandma Olsen's poetry that my aunt found when they were cleaning out my Grandpa's house last year. She typed them up, Braed formatted them on the computer, we designed the binding together, he pamphlet stitched them and I trimmed them, made the covers and will be casing them in (putting the pages in the cover) tonight. They are looking really good and we are both very excited to see them all done! (PS We have decided to call our joint book-making endeavors "Almost Midnight Press," a name suggested by my mom. We like it because it alludes to our procrastinating ways and reminds us of Iron Maiden's "Two Minutes to Midnight." Plus the acronym spells AMP, which seems very punk rock.)

In other news, we played guitar and acoustic bass guitar in Primary two days ago and it was so fun! I haven't played much bass guitar since I learned guitar a few years ago and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my knowledge of guitar chords completely informed my bass playing: I felt so much more confident and had a lot of fun. We played several songs, but I think my favorite was Book of Mormon Stories because I played bass chords—I had never played chords on the bass before—and it was so deep and rumble-y. Our music director really loved it and I told her that we did too and we'd love to do it again any time. She said she'd take us up on it and I hope she does! I had forgotten how much I love to play music.

Also, fun fact: my birthday is on Thursday. I will be 25. That's a quarter of a century old, my friends. Whenever I think of that I think of an LWL album I had in high school called "Quarter Life Crisis." I remember thinking that being 25 was so old and that everyone knows about mid-life crises but how silly it was to have a quarter-life crisis.

Now I totally get it.


Erin Podolak said...

I love the name Almost Midnight Press, I think it suits you both. Good one, Mrs. Elton!

My Worthless Degree said...

1) Electric and bass guitar in primary? That's it. You two need to make an "I'm a Mormon video".

2) When you call Braeden "Braed", I imagine that you spell it "Braid" or "Brayed". Then I smile to myself and miss you both.