Monday, February 13, 2012

library work

The other day in the library we had a small pipe leak, so Nancy Kraft, Head of Preservation & Conservation, asked my friend and co-worker Jessica Rogers and I to help with the damage control. It was really no big deal: they caught it soon enough that less than 150 books were wet in any real way and it was a nice break from my usual treatment of already dried and very dirty flood damaged books. The coolest part? Nancy blogged about it on the library blog (who knew we had one?) and posted some pictures! Feel free to check them out and leave comments, if you feel so inclined.


My Worthless Degree said...

Duh duh duhhhhhhhh! Librarians to the rescue! You need to start wearing a brightly colored unitard under your clothing so you can tear away your shirt and pants to reveal your superlibrarian hero costume as you sprint to help. Super powers: fingers that cleanse and eyes like blowdryers.

Cassandra said...

Haha. How do you know that's not what all librarians are wearing under their clothes at all times...?