Sunday, September 4, 2011

p-nut-( )( )-ter

Ever since our homemade grocery list pad ran out we've been keeping our grocery list on the white board calendar on the fridge. That way when something runs out or we decide we need something we can just put it on the list and forget about it until we go grocery shopping. So the other day I looked at the list and saw this:
Do you see that second item? Can you figure out what it is? Braeden saw me looking at it and said, in his little kid voice, "Oh! Do you like what I wrote? Can you tell what it is? Pee-nut-BUTT-ter. Haha. Get it? It's a butt." Ha ha! He was so pleased with himself. I just started laughing: he keeps me young —like preschool age sometimes, but young nonetheless. Adorable.

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