Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today I had my official Center for the Book orientation. I hadn't been planning on going since although I will be officially starting the program next week I've already taken 3 classes in the department and pretty much know my way around. However, my new supervisor at work (whom I love, by the way) is also the department coordinator for the center and organized the orientation so I felt like I should probably go. And it was probably good that I did because then I got to meet some of the other girls (there was only one guy) in my "cohort" (what are we, in the military or something?). There are just two other girls who are in the joint program, one of whom I met at a library conference earlier this year. We have our library orientation tomorrow starting at 8:30 am—who thought that was a good idea—and it goes until 2. Hopefully it will be enlightening and help me feel a little more excited for the program since right now I'm not feeling too into it.

Yay for school...

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