Friday, August 19, 2011

matt the electrician!

Tonight we saw Matt the Electrician play at The Mill! He was one of the opening bands, but we left after he played: he was all we came for anyway.

Plus! Bonus! We got to meet him at the bar before he went on to play! He was so gracious and let us take pictures with him and shook our hands. We would have stayed to chat a little bit but the first opening band was playing way too loud for any kind of conversation to have been possible, so we made do with just the photos.

It was fun because we went to the show with Gloria and Jarrod who were our two friends who joined us at The Weepies show last year where we first discovered MtE: it was fun to reunite like this. Plus, we've all been so busy this summer that we haven't really seen each other since the wedding and we miss them.

Also, MtE played his banjolele, our favorite of all his instruments.

We walked downtown to the show which seemed like a good idea at the time but I totally forgot that it is the first weekend before school starts on Monday so downtown was crawling with hoards (literally) of drunk undergrads. Go Hawkeyes.

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