Friday, July 1, 2011

one time, i got a hair cut

So I'd been growing my hair out so I could put it up for the wedding and mission: accomplished. So, since all the wedding festivities are over, I decided to get it cut. Today. At Blaze.


The best part? I got home, showered, let it air dry and it still looks good! Everyone knows that that's the most important thing with any hair cut, let's be honest. Hooray for summer hair!


Autumn said...

Your hair is short again :) I always felt like long hair was very you- probably because that is always what I have known.

Cassandra said...

Really? That's so funny! I always think of myself more with short hair, with long hair just in between when I get lazy. Also, the lady who cut my hair said that I look older with short hair and that my long hair was "holding me back" or "keeping me down" or something. What. Thanks, stranger.

pieface said...

I like that you look way calmer in the short hair picture. That long hair picture really freaked you out. You look beautiful either way. Truly, i wish i could pull off short hair and/or long hair like that.