Friday, April 29, 2011

fiscal fast: day five

It's started to get rough. Braeden and I have been talking about wedding stuff (my bouquet came in the mail today) and have decided that starting a fiscal fast just weeks before our wedding was possibly not the most strategic choice. After talking about all we still need to do with regards to wedding favors, centerpieces, etc, we've decided to extend our "acceptable spending" to wedding stuff. But, since that means we'll be out running errands it means we'll have to fill up on gas, too. And, while we're out we might as well go buy some milk, since that was the one agreed upon exception anyway (and since both of us refuse to finish off the small amount of milk we have remaining in the fridge since that would mean that the other person wouldn't get any: awe, love). And, since we'll be at the store, we might as well buy groceries so we can get a discount on the gas at the Hyvee gas station, right? It's a slippy slope.

So off we go out into the spending world. We may have failed at having our fiscal fast last an entire seven days as planned (though Braeden points out that we didn't actually spend any money last Saturday and we never spend money on Sunday, so we basically did the whole week, right?). Regardless, it really helped us become more aware of both the things we spend money on without thinking and how honestly little our lives were disrupted by not spending any of the green stuff.

Therefore, we, Cassi and Braeden, resolve to implement the Jeff Yeager-inspired fiscal fast successfully in the month of June for exactly seven days. We can: we will.

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