Thursday, April 28, 2011

fiscal fast: day four

So this is what we had for dinner yesterday. Braeden made it because he is amazing. You know what else is amazing? It cost us less than a buck each. That's right, this delicious meal of corn flakes-breaded chicken legs, roasted baby red potatoes, green beans and homemade rolls cost about 90 cents per serving. My baby is the cheapest. And the best-est.


My Worthless Degree said...

What?! I don't believe it! Could you post a cost break down for me? I want to see this!

Braeden said...

Jacob: as requested, a price breakdown for you.

Let's start with the chicken legs: we purchased a package of ten for $2.17 when Hy-Vee had them on sale for $.88 per pound. We had four between the two of us. For the breading, we used two eggs (which we get from the neighbors for free) and corn flakes (which, having been purchased for a recipe back in January, are a non-sum in terms of real cost of this meal). FINAL PRICE: $.87

Next, the potatoes. We purchased a four-pound bag of baby reds at $.99 per pound two weeks ago. The bag contained around fifty potatoes, of which we consumed eight between the two of us. We used spices and seasoning we already had in the house in negligible amounts, once again making them a non-sum. FINAL PRICE: $.63

The green beans were purchased frozen for $.99 a bag. We ate approximately a quarter of the bag. FINAL PRICE: $.25

The rolls were leftover from our Easter extravaganza. To make them, Cassi used 6 cups of flour (which at $1.38 a pound results in about $.35 in flour) and four tablespoons of yeast (which works out to around $.15). We had a yield iof 36 rolls, two of which we consumed with this meal. FINAL PRICE: $.03

Adding my figures up, we get: .03+.25+.63+.87=$1.78 for the two of us, or $.89 per person.

Amazing what bargain shopping and making things at home can save you.

My Worthless Degree said...

That is absolutely ridiculous! Gourmet dining for less than a dollar! Bravo! Bravo!