Wednesday, October 6, 2010

what's with today, today?

Things that I did today:
  • Some yard maintenance: swept up some leaves around the side door, put some stuff in the garage, turned the open trash cans upside down so they won't accumulate stagnant water.
  • Laundry: the dryer stopped working again so I had to finish up my one load at the neighbor's house: I have the best neighbors in the world
  • Cleaned up the studio: since my initial move-in the studio has gotten less and less organized and more and more useless. Today I finally stopped  being afraid and dove in to put everything back in its place. Braeden also helped me take the door off its hinges so now I have to keep it clean since you can see into it from the living room. Good motivation. Also, the door was über obnoxious because it opened into the room in a weird and intrusive way.
  • Went to Stuff Etc: my friend Autumn asked me to make her guest book for her wedding in December (so exciting!!!) so I went and found some fabric for the cover today. Their colors are dark teal and silver with a peacock feather accent, so I was hoping to find some kind of crazy peacock patterned something, but alas, no luck. I did find a great satin-y robe though that I think will work just fine...
  • Went to Institute: I love my Institute class here so much. We always have awesome discussions, and there are great people and food and it is fun.
  • Hung out with the Braeden face: he makes me happy
Additionally, yesterday we took Stephanie's challenge to try the green smoothie a second time. I found a recipe for it in a random Kiwi magazine I found in one of my boots (why are all these strange magazines following me across the country?) so I felt better about the proportions, plus I used the standard baby spinach instead of the funky Farmer's Market spinach so it was so much better. You may view our various reactions below:

Gloria, Me, and Braeden with our fancy London Hard Rock glasses filled with green smoothie take 2.
Bottoms up!
Cue the crazy eyes. Clearly a sign of a successful smoothie. A+.
Additionally, here is a final letter for the letter series of posts. I found these envelopes at this amazing Amish thrift store that Gloria introduced us to and they were only a buck twenty five for a whole box of them. Amazing. Below is the first letter I ever sent using one, to my friend Erin. Because she is amazing.

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Autumn Lynn said...

-I am a fan of this Braeden guy, he sounds like a great friend.

-I am super excited you are making our guestbook.

-You always have the cutest letters.