Monday, October 4, 2010

the fine print

I wrote this letter to my friend Erin, one of my friends from high school and faithful pen-pal. Speaking of, I just got a letter from her today! Hooray! (Also a long-awaited one from Matt Webb which is AMAZING. Pen pals are the best!!!) Erin is currently going to grad school up in Wisconsin (read: wiss-KHAN-sun) for science journalism, and I thought this amazingly depicted scientist was right up her ally. All it is is a full page illustration from a BYU Magazine I had lying around (don't ask me why, I'm not in the habit of reading let alone saving said magazine, but somehow this one stowed away with me in my move to Iowa) that I put into my typewriter and typed my letter onto. I avoided typing over his face since I figured that would a) look weird and b) be difficult to read over his thick, black rimmed glasses etc. Now whenever I leaf through a magazine of any kind I'm always on the look out for great letter writing material.

In other news, I watched all four sessions of General Conference this weekend and it was great! I watched the Saturday morning session online with Braeden at the Batcave (aka his one-bedroom apartment in sketchville—while we were watching his neighbors threw 2 potted plants over the railings of the stairwell into his outdoor walkway that smashed and spread dirt all over), then the afternoon session online up in North Liberty with Gloria, Sarah, Braeden, Jayne, and Keith at Keith's place (the connection was a little intermittent so we didn't get all of the talks, but the company was superb, as was the gluten-free snackage). Sunday we all went to the Stake Center to watch and participate in the potluck lunch, then Braeden and I went up to Amy's place in West Bend(?) with Eric and Megan(?) to watch the final session. There is something so lovey about sitting among friends, listening to our church leaders expound upon principles of our faith and just knowing that you are where you are supposed to be. Some of my favorite talks were President Monson's in the Sunday morning session where he talked about gratitude and Elder Gong's talk in the Saturday afternoon session where he mentioned his ancestor named First Dragon Gong. Best. Name. Ever. You can check out and download any and all of these talks at your leisure at the church website. I highly recommend them all.

And, PS, at the movie night at Jarrod's house after the Priesthood session of conference, Braeden Jones held my hand. Fact. I feel like I am in middle school. Haha. But I am happy.


Erin Podolak said...

Who are you kidding, you totally read the BYU magazine cover to cover, lol. But I loved my letter, being one of your pen pals it is hard keeping up with your creativity!

pieface said...

First of all - was the Amish thrift store lit by candles? Because if it wasn't, than it wasn't Amish. I have a feeling you have been mis-led by someone trying to coast of the super hip and trendy Amish coat-tails.

Secondly - I have a second cousin named Thor, as in Norwegian God of thunder and stuff. Don't get too excited, he's on my mom's side, so you're not related to him. Sorry lady.

That is all.