Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the less you do

Gloria, Braeden and I went to dinner at Jarrod's house last night before heading to campus for the Iron & Wine concert we'd been anticipating for weeks. At Jarrod's condo he mentioned to me the fact that he commissioned me to make him some books almost 2 months ago. Was it really that long ago? Fail. He made mention of how there's really no excuse for the delay since I'm only taking 2 classes and working 10 hours a week. He's totally right. What do I even do with my time? It's a mystery to me as well, folks. Certainly I've been spending a lot of time with the Braeden, but that's still a fairly new development. Before that? I have no idea. Honestly. It really is true what my mom says: the more you have to do the more you do. The less you have to do the less you do. Just because you have a lot of free time doesn't mean you'll be more productive: in fact, it usually means the exact opposite. Story of my life these days. If only I could be a structure person and set up an hourly schedule for myself then actually do the things I've said I would do at the times I said I would want to do them. Maybe I need a life coach to help me with that or something. As it is, I don't even have a regular bedtime routine. Things are just sort of all over the place. And that's fine, except then it means that somehow I only get the bare minimum done. And sometimes not even that.

The Iron & Wine concert was pretty great. It was down at the IMU, or student lounge building thing, and it was sold out: good thing Braeden bought us tickets like forever ago. Braeden joked that I was on a polyga-date since it was just he, Gloria and I because sometimes Gloria and I hold hands (like all the way through the 20 minute movie the missionaries showed us at Jarrod's house after dinner) and that made me laugh. I love Gloria and the fact that she likes to hang out with me and Braeden and it's not weird or awkward, in fact it is more fun because she is there.

This chick Rosie Thomas opened for Sam Beam (his beard made me fall in love with facial hair all over again). Her songs were all about disaster which she told us in her hilariously high, squeaky talking voice (it reminded me of Mel from Flight of the Conchords), but once she started singing she had this beautiful melodious low alto. What?! It was totally jarring every time she went from talking to singing. Braeden and I bought her cd When We Were Small (or rather, Braeden bought it and I will borrow it...) which, sadly, has only singing and no talking, but it's pretty great none the less. She came on later and sang with Sam Beam, too, and it was pretty great. The whole show just had a great vibe to it. Sam made you feel like it was this little bitty concert, which, while it wasn't Madison Square Garden by any means, it was definitely big enough that he could have just stood up there and played his songs, but instead he chatted with the audience and talked to us as if we were old friends.

I love Iowa.


Chester Elton said...

It is so true! Keep busy and you get WAY mire things done. Like right now I am at LAX waiting for a Red Eye flight to orlando and I am commenting on your Blog! See? I know right?

Chester Elton said...

PS Put your dad's books on your Good Book roll. Don't forget who is funding all this fun! And when I say you get MIRE things done I mean MORE!
(Such a bad speller!)

Cassandra said...

Consider it done! In fact, don't just consider it done, it actually is done.

I love you, Dad.

gloria said...

This is truth. And Hi Cassi's dad! I think your daughter is way cool!