Monday, October 11, 2010

in my brain

Here are some things that I have been thinking lately:
  • Silverware is the socks and underwear of the kitchen: only when you run out of those do you have to run the dishwasher, so it's in your best interest to have as many as possible.
  • The higher price of the local organic milk is totally worth it, not so much for the organic and local part as for the sweet-a glass bottle it comes in.
  • I have the best home teachers ever: the other day, when they realized they couldn't fix my dryer, they found a free one on Craig's list, picked it up, and installed it for me. Amazing.
  • I need to reorganize my kitchen cupboards because everything is in the way of everything else.
  • I am often much luckier than I realize.
  • The Church is true.
  • Isaiah is the most fun book of scripture to teach because his prose are so beautiful and thought provoking.
  • Sleep is for sissies.
  • I really want this picture of the Nauvoo temple for my home but am afraid that my piggy bank savings will never be adequate for me to afford it.
  • I wonder if Brinden got my cereal box package and letter for his birthday.
  • Braeden is the best boy I have ever dated in pretty much every way: he consistently impresses and surprises me with his humor, skills, and goodness. I am so lucky.
  • I love beards more and more each day.


steph goodson said...

If sleep is for sissies...then I am a sissy. I love sleep, although lately I haven't been getting nearly enough of it.

charissa said...

Again, I cannot wait to talk to you...I love Isaiah and that picture and teaching SS, and I don't sleep enough...see you soon!!!

harold & maude said...

can i see braeden? also cassie, sleep is for sissies!