Thursday, September 30, 2010

august isn't the only one who can do card tricks

Here are some things that I need to start doing:
  • going into work on some kind of regular schedule: this coming and going when I please is nice and flexible but also stressful for me to make sure I get enough hours every week
  • drink more water
  • eat all my meals: somehow dinner keeps slipping past, uneaten... also sometimes breakfast
  • sleeping in my bed instead of on the couches in my living room like a hobo
  • changing my clothes every day instead of sleeping in them and wearing them again the next day (ok, so I only did that once, but it really should not have happened: I am not homeless, I shouldn't smell like I am.)
  • morning scripture study: I think it'll be better than my sometimes-at-night "schedule" I've got going on right now
  • making books because I like to, not because I'm being forced to by The Man
In other news, I made this little baby for my friend Jared's birthday at the beginning of the month. I was inspired by this kid August in our branch who does all kinds of crazy card tricks (he's also the one who hypnotized those girls last weekend: a man of many skills). This card is a flag book, just like the one yesterday, but larger. Also, for a birthday. So, you know, different in every way.

The front...
The crazy, punny inside!
Tomorrow: Flippity floppity birthday goodness.

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