Sunday, August 1, 2010

pocket journals

My Aunt Taunya commissioned me to make these little notebooks for the girls in her YW class that graduated from high school (and one former-student from college) this year. Since she does all these awesome things for me all the time, I was pretty excited to do make these for her.

I used my sweet new rubber stamp alphabet to stamp their names on the covers.

After lots of brainstorming and much thought she decided on the title, "My discoveries, learnings, and hopes."
...and somehow I typed "My Memories, Learnings, & Experiences." On the cover pages of all 6 journals. Go me.
(Luckily Taunya let it slide. Did I mention that she is amazing?)

The pages were alternately graph paper or blank, which I really like.

The little pocket on the back is an actual library card pocket that I typed "momentos"on to.
I'm a little in love with it...

When ever I make multiples of the same type book I always like to take a picture of all the spines lined up together. The pictures never look as cool as it does in person, though. Classic. ALSO fun fact: Dikko trimmed these bad boys for me on the Purgatory Pie Press guillotine and it was magical. You have no idea how much work it is to cut stacks of paper with nothing but a metal ruler and an exact-o knife as your implements of war: it is not pretty.

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