Saturday, July 24, 2010

boston day 2: beach style

Today we went to the beach. We got lost on the way up—classic—so we went to Rockport instead of wherever the other beach was we were going to go to. It was definitely rocky, but that made everything more fun! The beach we found was just little and we had an amazing picnic lunch then went for a hike on the rocks.

Jen lead the way and the rest of us followed.
Though Stephanie often took her own path.
In the end we reached the point of the rocks and were proud of our triumph!
(PS the girl in the middle between Carter and Jen is Jen's amazing roommate Jane.)
All over the rocks on the beach was this crazy green seaweed type stuff. I thought it made a great beard.
The tower in the background is where we climbed to. Once we got up there we read a sign saying that it was private property and we were to return back to the beach. Really, friends? Lame. But lucky for the owners it was late and we had to head home. So we left.

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