Friday, July 23, 2010

boston day 1: freedom!

Word on the street is that Stephanie had never been to Boston. What? So Carter and I (and Jen's tour book that I grabbed from her shelf on our way out the door) acted as her guides to the city as we explored it, tourist style.
This is the Harvard library named after Harry Elkins Widener, a Harvard graduate who died on the Titanic, supposedly for being unable to swim 50 yards to a lifeboat. His mother donated the money to the school to build the library in his name with the stipulation that all Harvard graduates prove their ability to swim 50 yards. Here we are holding our breath in hopes that the lifeboat will make it to us in time to save us.
The whispering arch on Harvard campus. It reminded me of the Incan temple where you could whisper into the wind and someone across the way could hear you.
Later we ran into James Dean...
and pretended we were statues at the Tanner Fountain on Harvard Campus. Obert Tanner was not only one of our ancestors but also the founder of the company my dad works for. Fun fact!

After that Carter somehow became imprisoned...
...and I was almost eaten by the Lampoon Castle.
Then we found our way to freedom by following the red bricked Freedom Trail!
Stephanie and Carter headed off with confidence, aided by the melodious sounds of a Mennonite choir.
My route was slightly more tenuous as my bag made it hard to keep my balance.
Soon we met up with John Adams and wondered at his resemblance of The Penguin from Batman.
We also participated in a poorly attended town meeting at Faneuil Hall. Stephanie had a lot of opinions.
I just took notes.
On our way back to Jen's apartment in Cambridge we spied the most incredible old man ever on the T!
Once at home Carter impressed Stephanie with his amazing new suit that he bought last week to attend his friend's wedding dinner today up in Georgetown, MA.
While Carter was at the dinner Steph and I, now reunited with Jen, sat upon our upturned umbrellas and ate amazing pastries from Mike's Pastry in the North End.
Jen got a slice of heavenly German chocolate cake.
Stephanie got an amazing fruit tart.
And I got a scrumptious apple...thing. An amazing end to an amazing day.

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