Sunday, May 2, 2010

ps i love whales?

Here are the whale art and embroidered card I got at the zinefest yesterday. Apparently I have a thing for whales? The framed whale was part of a series called "False Whales." One of the other whales was a Narwhal and the third was like a regular whale but with a curl in its tail. At first I thought the whales were cut out of the tinfoil which was super impressive because foil is not easy to work with, but in actuality the whales are painted in black paint on the back of the glass, then the foil is put in the frame like a photo. Pretty clever. (And you know how I LOVE things that are clever!)

The card was done by a different chick and she had a bunch of cute moleskin notebooks she'd embroidered the covers of. My favorite was one that said "Deep Thoughts" in script. I, however, have way too many notebooks and did not need another, so I went for a card instead. (Though Georgia bought the Deep Thoughts book which made me happy because I like when good things get sold to good people.)

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Autumn Lynn said...

These are so cute! I love the foil and silhouette. You should totally do shadow drawings of people that way, I've always wanted to do that!