Saturday, May 29, 2010

project #22: fossil earrings

While I was looking for some beads for the necklace adjustment, I ran across two stones that my Aunt Terrill had given me years ago after we had visited them in the Upper Peninsula (the U.P.) of Michigan. ("If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.") While I was in the jewelry mode I decided to do something with them: make earrings.

These stones are called the Petoskey stone and are the official state stone of Michigan. (Who knew that states had official stones? PS The New Jersey doesn't have one.) These stones are actually the fossil remains of one of the first forms of animal life on earth. Kinda cool, right? I like how smooth and shiny they are: it really shows off the fossil shapes nicely. Fun fact: the shine comes from polishing, not by being waxed or varnished or lacquered. (Or so says the official little paper from which I've acquired all the other interesting little tid-bits about the stones.)

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