Saturday, May 29, 2010

project #21: necklace adjustment

A few weekends ago my mom went out to St. George with her three sisters for a sister's weekend. While there my mom and her oldest sister Taunya fell in love with this necklace. They decided to buy it together: my mom would get it first, then after six months she would send it out to her sister to keep for six months, etc. However, they both decided that it was a little too short for their tastes, but bought it any way in hopes that I could alter it for them. Well aren't they lucky that they were right!

Here the necklace is unaltered. You can see that the biggest hanging bead hits me right on my collar bone. It doesn't look bad with the line of my shirt, but the moms were looking for something that was less choker-esque.

We measured and decided that we needed to add about 6 inches, or 3 inches on each side. I found some small black beads and larger black and white beads that would compliment those already on the necklace and added them to the back when I restrung it. Ta-da! Done. When I showed my mom she said, "I love 31 Projects!"

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