Saturday, May 15, 2010

project #13: key stationery

My friend Stephanie and I have been friends for our whole lives. Our families lived in Brooklyn together and even though we've moved around several times since then and we now live across the country from each other she is one of my best friends. Here we are in our Brooklyn days. Can you pick us out? Let me give you a hint: I am the tallest (as always) and Steph is the shortest. (Fact: she still comes up to my shoulder.)

In our older years we joined a gang. An old man gang. No tattoos, just pseudonyms and fancy back stories. Stephanie is Harold Miller. I am Ronald Foster. We had other cohorts, one with the name of Paul Burton. Here we are on a regular day. Also Halloween. Check out our amazing facial hair. We made it, er, grew it ourselves.

Right now dear Harold is stuck in the arctic cold of Idaho and is without a job. She is also not taking classes. She is bored out of her gourd. SO we are going to become pen pals. SO I made some stationery to write my letters on. SO I can't wait to get her first letter (she said it's already in the mail) so that I can send her one of these!

I inked actual keys to stamp onto the paper and made a whole serious of them with all different keys. Then I used my amazing re-set-able stamp to stamp "Dear Harold" across the top of each one.

I also hand folded a series of envelopes to house the stationery in. I made them 3.5 in. by 5 in. which is the exact size of the smallest envelope that is allowed through the US Postal system. Fun fact. On the flip side I hand set a stamp with Harold's mailing address so I could just stamp it on each envelope, but I won't show you that because then you'd know where she lives... And this is the internet, people.

Here are some more of the pages with the key stamps that I used. I made twelve in total (though only 9 are pictured here) and they are all different. I have to say that I am sort of in love with this.

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steph goodson said...

this is exciting! and I loff loff pictures of us from brooklyn! woot woot