Friday, May 14, 2010

project #12: key earrings

A few years ago I was dating a boy from my lovely home state of New Jersey. We had known each other for years but only started dating one summer while I was home from school. But fall came as it always does and I had to leave to go back to the far away state of Utah to further my secondary education. So as a way to continue to build our relationship while we were apart we sent packages back and forth with little presents we made, along with a book I made for us to write messages or stories or draw pictures in. Whenever I would come home from class and see that package on our front steps I would get so excited, I can't even tell you.

This boy would make me the best things, from a t-shirt with an elephant that said "I'm elephantastic" to a music box player that played a song he'd written for me, he was an amazing gift giver. Though we broke up almost two years ago, I still wear a lot of the stuff he gave me, including these amazing key earrings made from diary or luggage keys!

I've wanted to make some of these for a while now; not for myself, but to put in my etsy shop to share the joy of key earrings with the world! I pulled out my glass jar full of keys today for another project (project #13) and I ran across two sets of small keys. They aren't quite as small as the ones the old boyfriend made for me, but I think they turned out just fine. (Side note: I just realized as I uploaded this picture that it is a picture of keys ON keys. Oh how I love accidental puns!)

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