Saturday, March 6, 2010

the magical number 23

So, on Monday I turned 23! Certain ages bring with them certain magical new abilities, like getting your license at 17 (in NJ), becoming a legal adult at 18, being able to legally buy and drink alcohol at 21, etc. With 23 comes the lovely event of being kicked off of my parent's insurance. Hooray for the privatization of health care! At the moment I'm flying uninsured, but soon enough I'll hopefully have my very own health care plan. (The contracts are in the mail or being processed, or something...)

Anyway, to celebrate my policylessness, today I threw myself a Do-It-Yourself birthday party! What does that mean exactly? It means people come over and we all make dinner and decorations together, then eat and enjoy them and each others' company. Afterwards we played picture telephone and flirted with the idea of playing our own version of Loaded Questions, but then people had to leave and we just sat and talked. It was really fun. I love all my friends,  it is true. Even those that couldn't make it because they were far away and thus not invited. You know.

Additionally, Matt wrote me an ode! For years and years I have been planting this idea in people's minds but people have just laughed at my heart-meant suggestion. But, happily, I can now say that at least one person has taken up my challenge and actually done it! The fabulous ode goes like this:

Cassandra, Cassandra, Queen of the day.
Invited us all to this delightful soiree.

With decorations and food, and lazy friends such as I
It must have been trying to put this together on the fly.

So if I, perchance, fail to honor her well
I can only expect her ire to swell.

So I speak these stanzas to celebrate her birth,
To stave off her anger, and fill the party with mirth.

Pretty cool, huh? Happy birthday to me!


The Smiths said...

happy late birthday, and awesome ode!

Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

Jen was there? you are so lucky. Happy birthday!

pieface said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST COUSIN EVER!! Wish I could have been there to give the birthday bumps (it's a Canadian thing).

Autumn Lynn said...

Happy very late birthday, you sounds like it was a great one :)!