Saturday, February 27, 2010

jace the face at the place setting the pace

Last night Jace and I went into the city to have dinner with my friend Erica and her husband Spencer at their amazing little apartment in Hell's Kitchen. Yesterday and the day before it snowed a crazy amount out here and in the city. NYU (where Spencer is attending law school) even closed their campus for the second time in 10 years (the first time was a few weeks ago when another crazy snow storm struck) because of the weather. I knew this, and yet somehow I thought that it wouldn't be all that bad. And, compared to the suburbs, it wasn't. Jace, my family and I have been shoveling snow twice a day for the last two days and I tell you what, my arms are sore. We have mountains of snow piled up on the sides of the sidewalks and roads that are almost as tall as I am. Or, at least, it feels that way. In the city the snow was not piled nearly as high. There were, however, hidden icy slush moats found on the corner of every block. While I'd worn my thrift store hiking boots that were fine for mountains of snow, they were no match for the slushy puddles of doom. By the time we'd walked the 12 blocks or so to the Rick's apartment both Jace and I had at least one very wet foot. 
We were able, however, to snap this photo of Jace terrorizing the Empire State Building. He really is a giant of epic proportions. (Also, please note his amazing Canada tuque that I got him at the Olympics. He WILL love Canada! He WILL!) The top of the Empire State Building is always lit up in colors for different occasions, like red/pink/white for Valentine's Day or red/green for Christmas which is fun. Right now it's lit up different colors depending on which side of the building you're on, which is pretty unusual. The north side is blue/black/blue, the east side is yellow/black/yellow, the south side is green/black/green and the west side is red/black/red. What? I looked it up and it's because of...dun dada dunnnnn...the Olympics! This weekend is the closing ceremonies so they've lit up the building in the colors of the Olympic rings. Fun fact! Now go impress your friends with your knowledge.

After an amazing bean soup and cheesy muffins dinner we hit the town! Erica and Spencer took Jace and I on a small tour of downtown Manhattan. I've been to the city countless times but it was fun to be there and not be one of the people in charge of showing people around. Erica and Spencer did a great job of hitting such hot spots as Times Square and Central Park. Jace finally gave in to his tourist side and was snapping pictures right and left. It had been years since I'd been to Times Square and I'd forgotten how bright it is at night! During the day it doesn't pop as much as it does at night when the only light is man-made. It was pretty fun.

Central Park was great too because it was dark and snowy and even though we still saw people it was more or less quiet and it was almost as if the city that never sleeps was asleep under all the snow. Apparently early that day someone had gotten killed walking through the park because a branch that was heavy with snow broke off its tree and fell on them. I never know what to make of stuff like that. It's so weird and so bazar that it could only happen in New York. Luckily, we were safe and did not encounter any killer trees while we were there.

We went back to the house, ate delicious chocolate fondue (made with chocolate orange chocolate which is amazing and clever) and watched the Olympics. Jace and I caught the 12:34 train home and didn't get back to Summit until 1:30 am, but it was one of the best nights we've had while he's been here. Hooray for friends, the city, and adventure!


Anonymous said...

your missing one critical color at the top of the empire state building. ORANGE, for your dad. because odds are he know a guy who knows a guy who went to his lectures, and gave your dad a special something or other.


pieface said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Please tell Jace that the Canadian look really suits him. The border would just usher him right in, I'm just sure of it.