Monday, January 11, 2010

scavenge your brains out

Jace set up the most fantastic treasure hunt ever for me to find my Christmas present! We went all over town following cryptic clues like, "Orange and blue will show you the next clue. Don't smudge the glass." Or, my personal favorite, "42.752872 N 84.479627 W. Look to the north for your fave." Jace would always give super helpful hints to help me decifer the clues like, "Huh, looks like co-ordinates..." or "I dunno" while rolling his eyes away from my gaze so he wouldn't give anything away. Adorable. The chase eventually lead me to the middle of a wooded area in a park where I found a hemp cord that I had to follow through the snow, around fallen tree trunks, branches and did I mention snow? My final gift was wrapped in a plastic grocery bag and packing tape to protect it from the elements. My boyfriend is so wise. Inside the long awaited package was an photo empty photo album with a card reading, "I  can't say that we'll fill this book, but let's try," and a matching journal with a to do list on the first page that said,
What shall we do today?
  • build a fort 
  • tip a cow 
  • go skiing 
  • make Henna art 
  • get lost on a crazy adventure
There was also a henna art book and kit which I may or may not already own slash was also given for Christmas this year slash is the greatest henna kit ever. Just maybe.

After the grand adventure we went to AI Fusion, a sushi place, where we had a late lunch with his friends Kyle, Bruce, and Meesh (short for Michelle). Meesh enlightened Jace about the bump application and they proceeded to bump for a while while we waited for Bruce to show up and, yes, I know how that sounds. (One of the bump features is that it provides a map so you have a history of where you've bumped people. Really?) We had a great time just chatting, laughing, and eating delicious raw fish. It was probably my favorite Michigan day so far.


Autumn Lynn said...

You are a traveler! It is hard to keep up with your comings and goings, but interesting all of the time. I'm glad your boy treats you so well, it sounds like you are having a lot of fun :)

Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

i am jealous that you get to eat sushi! I have been craving it for like a year now!