Saturday, January 9, 2010

don't lose your snow sticks on the lift thing

Today Jace and I went skiing with his mom Lisa, brother Gage, and brother's friend Tucker. It was just a little ski place but it was so much fun! I felt super skilled because I tried the ski moguls and went through some trees—on purpose! Though I did take some fantastic spills on both of those adventures. My personal favorite was when I was trying to ski the moguls—which were totally weird, by the way, in that they were all clumped together in a grid basically instead of spread out along the run. It was probably my third time in that area attempting to conquer at least one or two of the powdery mounds and somehow I completely lost control and ended up belly down in the middle of the grid with my feet splayed out to either side, skis still on, feet pointing in completely opposite directions, unable to move, but able to feel my hip joints slowly being pulled from their sockets. After several failed attempts to get up or take my skis off, I finally managed to free myself and walk over to the side of the moguls, skis in hand, to start over and make my way down the rest of the run. Meanwhile the rest of the crew is at the bottom all looking up at me, helpless, just waiting for me to figure it out. It probably took just as long to get my skis back on as it did to free myself from the mess in the first place. A total wipe out in every respect.

But that is hardly the point. What is the point, you ask? To have fun! And I did. I got to chat with Jace's mom a bit and she is a first class lady. A real stand up gal. I like Jace's family a lot, tell you what. I also got to face some of my skiing fears, like wooded runs. It was quite possibly the most fun I've had skiing ever. Ever!

Jace and I took this picture on the ski lift at the beginning of the day. Note our fantastic headwear provided from the suitcase of Cassi. We are models of beauty and health in this picture, as always.

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