Monday, December 28, 2009

family fort

Garrett and I built a fort yesterday. It was awesome! Garrett went and gathered up all the blankets in the basement TV room and the building began! We used an ironing board, the bed, the desk, an automan, and wrapping paper rolls as supports and boxes of blocks, kinex, and a big book of dvds as weights. It was pretty successful, if I do say so myself (which I do.)

We celebrated the creation of our fort by snuggling in and watching three episodes of Arrested Development online (Garrett had never seen it before). Things were going great until the mom intervened and stole our comfy floor blanket, complaining that she and the dad were too cold in their own bed without it. A likely story. We tried to compensate for the loss of our best blanket by supplementing our fort with more pillows and additional blankets, though none as good as the lost one, and, while we did manage to fall asleep—don't judge us, it was after midnight by this point—we were certainly not comfortable. We woke up several times wanting more blankets and more leg room, though neither were to be had, and around 8 am Garrett finally woke up, turned to me and said, "We've suffered enough!" broke out our plastic cardboard window and climbed to comfort into our parent's bed in the next room.

With Garrett gone I had more room certainly, though the largest contributing factor to me remaining in the fort for another hour and a half was I was afraid if I tried to sit up I would seriously injure my back. Luckily after I couldn't take it any more I crawled out the door, stood up, and discovered that I was perfectly intact. I wandered downstairs for some breakfast, then came back upstairs, jumped on Garrett, who was still asleep in the parents' bed, and woke him up to help me clean up our lovely fort. My favorite line? After we had all the blankets folded Garrett went to go put them away and said, "Man. We used a lot of blankets." Really, Garrett? We built a blanket fort. What else would you expect?


Anonymous said...

Coolest. fort. ever. good work! also you are my hero.

megalicious said...

After all these years, you finally made a fort! Good work, Cassay. I quite like the pictures of you guys in your little blanket fort.