Saturday, October 17, 2009

i feel like a scientist

Yesterday my roommate Cortney and I became scientists. We are in charge of the activity at the all-girls orphanage on Monday and we have decided to make lip gloss. I went to a pharmacy here that sells vaseline by the liter and bought 2 liters and 30 small containers. It all only cost $5! I'm a pretty big fan of pharmacies here because they have all sorts of cool stuff that pharmacies used to have, like the ingredients to make medicine instead of just the medicine and the containers in which to put said made medicine. Also "cajas muestra de heces" which is what the lip gloss containers we bought are actually called. I'll let you use wordreference.comto figure out what that means.

I brought the supplies back to the house and that is when the fun began. We'd found some recipes for lip gloss online but we decided that we'd need to try them out ahead of time because for some of them we didn't have all the ingredients and we didn't know how much they would make, or if they would even work, etc. After a lot of heating, measuring, mixing, smelling, smearing, and smooshing we finally ended up with about 4 flavors (mora—a type of berry, piña, honey, and vanilla) that we think will work. I will let you know how it goes.

PS Here are the websites for the fruit, honey, and vanilla lip gloss recipes. We only used flavoring and vaseline, no oils or butters or aloe, so I guess you could make them fancier if you would like. Follow your heart.

PPS Cortney and I experimented so much that now we need to buy more vaseline and containers for the actual project, but sometimes that is the price you pay in the name of science!

[PPPS The girls loved it! They also loved eating it, which was a little gross...]

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