Tuesday, September 29, 2009

food and friends

Every day after our afternoon shift while walking from one orphanage to another to get picked up by the bus we pass this lady who has one of those little food stands where she sells salchipapas, aka french fries with a little sausage on top (salchichas=sausages, papas=potatoes). To top it all off there is the choice of mayonaise, salsa de tomate (ketchup), and/or special sauce. Every Monday and Wednesday (ok, maybe not EVERY Monday and Wednesday, but fairly often) Chelsea and I buy some: they are only 50 cents! I usually ask for them without the sausage because it's a little sketchy but sometimes she gives it to me anyway. And I eat it. Salchipapas, con o sin salchica, makes my day every time.

Another thing that made my day today was when I went to the orphanage with the kids who are 2-5 years old. They like to chant their favorite volunteers' names like, "May-gan. Megan!" and they get really angry at you if you are not that volunteer whose name they are chanting slash if that volunteer will not be there that day. Whenever I go I always have to remind them of my name because they can't remember it. It's pretty awesome. In a not way. BUT today when I walked over to get the other volunteers to leave for dinner the kids saw me and started chanting, "Caaa-si. Cassi!" I didn't even have to prompt them! It was amazing.


Carter said...

Congratulations on the chant. Next phase of Operation Elton: Teach them to say "Volunteer Cassi, you're the greatest, in the world, by far, for sure, I love you, Amen." I want to hear a recording of it in English and Spanish. Next, hispanics all over the world have a false belief that Hotdogs are Salchichas. They are not. Salchicha is SAUSAGE!!!! Hot dogs do not qualify. I have been disappointed by many a Mexican dish when ordering "con salchicha" Anyway, love the food watch, send me some.

Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

I notice you often mention food. what is that?

Cassandra said...

Food is delicious. Don't hate.