Saturday, September 26, 2009


There was a parade in downtown Cuenca today. A parade of school children. What? There were uniforms and nuns everywhere, as well as marching bands, baton twirlers, and mimes. Those Cuencans sure know how to party! We couldn't figure out exactly what the parade was all about. There were lots of signs saying something about "50 Años" (years) but we couldn't tell 50 years of what. We asked this guy at the Chompa (Jacket) Market about it and he went off about how on Monday there is going to be a strike because of the way the government treats the indigenous workers. Not exactly what we asked... but ok. Maybe I'll get to see that, too, if I have an off on Monday. Cross your fingers!

Note: Marching band uniforms here are WAY better than in the states, even if the girls skirts are a little short and some of them were wearing hooker-type boots with high heels on the cobble stone streets. Those shoes are just about as practical as our polyester uniforms in high school: cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Genius.

The march of the children. We were hoping to see some of the girls at one of the sites we work at, but we couldn't spot them amid the sea of various plaids and navy sweaters.

The parade in the shadow of one of the many sweet buildings downtown.

Guys on stilts. You could see them all the way down the street and they provided a great contrast to the groups of kids walking around in plaid, sweater vests, and blazers. My friend Kellie wants to live in that white building in the background. So do I.

Along with the guys on stilts was this kid dressed up as a mime. He saw us taking pictures and came over and posed with each of us for a picture. Hilarious. It made our whole morning.

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I like how high resolution the pictures are. Pretty sweet hermana