Saturday, August 29, 2009

road trip to everywhere

So, after camp ended I went on a four-day road trip with a fantastic boy I met at camp and whom I may or may not be but definitely am currently dating. His name is Jace. (It rhymes with face.) You may remember him from a previous entry—he has toe shoes that make him look like a ninja. Obviously my dad thought it was one of my more brilliant plans. I think his exact words were, "That is the worst possible idea you could ever have." I took that to mean that if I got a tattoo while I was drunk and then got pregnant on the trip than it couldn't be any worse than having gone on the trip in the first place, so I did just that. 

Except not at all. (Don't worry, Dad.)

After we got paid Wednesday Jace and I drove home to my house, did laundry, ate delicious food, and slept. Yesterday morning we did more laundry, ate more good food, then packed up the car around lunch time and headed off for our first grand adventure: Woodstock.

Woodstock was a fabulous hippie town where we thrift shopped, ate veggie pizza, and generally enjoyed ourselves. I highly recommend it. So do Jace's parents. But they don't want to talk about it. Oh! Also as we were leaving we found a castle park! It was exactly like the one that used to be in Chatham before they knocked it down and replaced it with yet another lame plastic playset. Of course we stopped and played. It completed me.
We had no plans to stay anywhere specific that night—we decided to just drive in the general direction of Niagra Falls until we were too tired to go any farther and figure it out from there. Sadly, since we've been camp counselors all summer and are used to getting up at 7:15 am on the dot, eating crappy food, and never getting enough sleep, we reached our exhaustion limit around 8:30 pm. Well done. However, there was no cheap sleeping arrangements to be found. So we drove and drove and drove and finally stumbled upon a KOA Kampsite around 10:30 pm that saved our lives. The office was closed when we got there but we filled out the correct forms, put the $30 cash in the proper envelope, found a tent site, pitched out tent, and fell dead asleep. We felt like real adults, all responsible and paying for things. You know.

We woke up in the morning to a babbling brook, neighboring RVers, and an old man with a trailer that had a Porche inside. No big deal. Also, last night as we were unpacking we discovered a dead mouse in one of our sleeping bags. Luckily Jace is quite a man and scooped it out of the stuffing and threw it outside the tent. We tried our best to not mention it while the sleeping bag was still in use because what? gross.

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