Monday, May 4, 2009

i speak in smoke signals and you answer in code

Sometimes I speak in code. Sometimes people answer back. Here is an example, taken from a gchat with my friend Dave:

me: how's business?

Dave: Good. I've sold forty already today.
How about for you?

me: very profitable.
will you be traveling to batman any time soon?

Dave: No, I don't think so.

me: that is unfortunate.
if you were to go, however, you would need to arrive in costume.
but then i suppose you couldn't arrive unless they signaled you with the bat signal in the night sky.
so you'd better wait until you're summoned.
it's very complicated.

Dave: I've been waiting. Nothing yet.

me: be patient, young one.
your day will come
also it is not night time yet so it would be hard to see the signal.

Dave: Maybe they are making the signal when it is dark in turkey, but I can't see it because I'm in the daylight.

me: that could be a problem. you might have to just go there and wait to reveal yourself until they signal you

Dave: Hang on a minute.
Okay, I just bought a plane ticket. I'm going to Turkey, so I wont' see you in class.

me: i will miss you, but i understand that you have a greater mission to fulfill. try not to forget about me as you travel across the sea.

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