Wednesday, April 1, 2009

subversive skirt

So the other day I made a skirt. It used to be a jacket. It turned out surprisingly well, I think. I got the idea from this book that my friend Erin gave me for my birthday. She. Is. Awesome.


steph goodson said...

Cassi why are you the best? You are so creative and awesome and i love this skirt! amazing. if I ever tried to make something like would look like...well not like that. You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Ok. So you had vision and I did not. It looks great! Did you get the pockets to work upside down? All the accesories (shirt, sweater necklace etc) look great with it. Nice work, oh creative recycling genious! I love you.

Heidi Elton said...

Let me clear this up. I look ridiculous havingsigned my name after having posted it under anonymous. I wrote that comment and I don't care who knows it.