Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Recently I've been doing a lot of alchemy. Here are a few of my favorite creations:

This chicken noodle soup, made from scratch, is displayed attractively in a local, handmade bowl bought earlier this month at Bowls For Humanity. It tastes really good with saltine crackers, apples, and Colby Monteray Jack cheese.

This is beef stew that I made with my mom when she was visiting this weekend. It is one of my favorite meals. The bread and beef are both from my monthly order from the Utah Community Food Co-op. I highly recommend it. Both the stew and the food co-op. Also, I can you tell that I love this bowl?

I've also made some delicious banana bread, but I do not have a picture of it. My friend William gave me the recipe and he is quite a baker. His recipe makes 5 mini-loaves and one big loaf. Great for giving to people who you love. Or who you want to love you...

Granola is also good but sans photograph. It gets eaten so fast it's gone before I remember to take a picture. It is one of Megan's favorites. Even more than fancy trail mix.

Perhaps someday I'll give you the recipes.


steph goodson said...

these look very del-yummy! I would love to eat them right now.

Cassandra said...

You should road trip over this-a-way, chiquita and I will feed you some. Best. Plan. Ever.

Heidi Elton said...

I have to testify about the yumminess of the granola. Cassi sent me a sample and though I was skeptical, I really enjoyed it! It has a flavor that hits you right up front...haven't identified it yet, but it's gooood.