Sunday, April 12, 2009

the pie

Today I went to dinner with mi amigo Luis! I met Luis during my study abroad in Spain (though he is actually Bolivian) and now he is in California attending UCDavis (I think...). He was the Institute President in Spain so while we were there we would hang out with him and his friends at the Institute building and play foosball, watch movies, dance. Once they even made me and my friends Suzie and Rachel dinner there and it was amazing! It was really a lot of fun getting to know him. He was out in Salt Lake this week for General Conference and so we got together for dinner tonight, his last night here. It was quite an adventure.

First off, I was late because Stephanie was here visiting and I didn't want to leave her. Secondly, once I finally found Luis (of course I got lost along the way) we had to try and fix his bike tire since it had gotten a hole in it from a screw. We were not very successful. So he parked his bike somewhere and we went to dinner at The Pie. I had never been there before but several of my friends had recommended it to me so I figured that it was worth a shot. It was fun and underground—the type of place that definitely does not exist anywhere in Provo. I liked the idea of it a lot, but the pizza was just ok. 

We stuffed Luis's bike in the back of my car (which, if you know the size of my car, is pretty impressive) and then I drove Luis back to Farmington (which is about 25 minutes north of where we were in Salt Lake) where he was staying with his friend Stephanie, who I now love. On our way to Farmington we got slightly lost, at one point paralleling the interstate then ending up on these little back roads in some random small town. We arrived in Farmington around 10:20, I think, and Luis had to get his things and get back to Salt Lake in time to catch his 11:30 pm train back to California (it was free for him to bring his bike via train, but the airlines wanted to charge him an extra $100). While we were waiting for Luis, Stephanie and I chatted about Spain, the movie Australia that her friends were watching in the adjoining room, and just life. She was so friendly and welcoming and awesome. She might possibly be one of my new favorite people and we definitely only talked for, at the most, 20 minutes.

The whole night Luis laughed about everything—the bike with the flat tire, getting lost, possibly missing his train (¿Qué loca mi vida eh? he asked me) and kept asking me if I was going to write about this in my journal. I told him yes, and here it is.

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