Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my brother is a genius

So my brother wants to join the army. Apparently there are tests and stuff you have to pass in order to do so. One of them is the ASVAB or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Test. What does it test? I'm not exactly sure. Maybe general intelligence? I do know that the test is out of 99 (what, they couldn't add just one more question to make it an even 100? If I was Mr. Monk that would really bother me) and the minimum requirements for the Air Force and Air National Guard is 36. For the Army it is 34, for the Army National Guard it is 50.

So Carter took the test with two other kids and they were all excited because they got 36, so they barely made the cut off. The recruiter looked at Carter's score and said he did pretty good. So what did he get? 98. Out of 99. What?! How did the recruiter not look at his score and say, "Oh. This is pretty high. This is the highest score I've ever seen. You did really really really really really really well. You are awesome." I guess he probably didn't do that because that would make Carter think he's better than other people, which I hear the army is against. Not that I really know. But let's be honest, 98 out of 99? That's pretty good. Pretty dang good.

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steph goodson said...

that is amazing! I am very impressed!