Saturday, June 15, 2013

iowa city pride

Liza Jane and her pride beads.
Liza had a great time at Iowa City Pride and so did we! I haven't seen her smile this big... ever. After the walk downtown, lunch at Quinton's, and the walk home she and Loki were more than ready for some "cave time" (that's what we call putting them in their kennel with a blanket over it). They were super well behaved and we were so proud of them! We brought a bag filled with dog treats, baggies, and a water bowl for the outing and between our "diaper bag" and fielding the attentions of random admirers on the street, we really did feel like they were our little fur babies.

The Pride Parade was very short ("oh, was that it?") and, from what I hear, pretty tame (aka few mostly naked people walking around) so I think it was a great first Pride event for the whole family. There were lots of kids there (which surprised our friend Carla who was expecting a little more craziness based on her experiences with Houston Pride events previous years) and it was fun to just see so many people out supporting marriage equality. Ladies holding hands with ladies, their kids riding on shoulders or walking alongside hand in hand: it was the perfect Midwestern expression of support for equality.

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