Sunday, April 28, 2013


We have two puppies. Loki, our Puggle, loves being outside. Whenever he is inside he finds the nearest window and rests his front paws on the window sill as he looks outside longingly, watching the little outside creatures running around without him and he just wants to be out there so bad.

Then we have Liza, our little Bugg from the shelter, who is very much an inside dog. Everytime she's outside she barks her head off at anything that moves, especially other dogs. We usually only leave her outside long enough for her to relieve herself and then she's back inside. On the few days we do leave her outside for longer--when the weather is particularly nice and none of the neighbors or their dogs are out in their yards--anytime we look out the window to check on her she's sitting, staring at the house, biding her time until you come back to rescue her from her backyard hell. (Unless, of course, she sees a bunny in which case she's barking her head off like she's being attacked and barking as loud and for as long as possible is the only way to stave off death.)

They're very different pups, but we love them both. We love Loki's energy and how he loves to cuddle and how he gets along with everyone. We also love how zen Liza is when she's inside and how in the morning she's super flirty and begs for belly rubs.

We just love our little fur babies. An embarrassing amount of love.

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