Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I don't know why, but blogging recently has become super intimidating to me. I just feel like I won't be able to say what I want to say, or that I should have good photos to go with whatever I'm talking about but of course I never do, or just that it's been so long since I blogged that I have too much to say and the post will end up being so long that no one in the world will actually read it.


Yesterday was the first day of classes. I had three classes and was on campus from 9:15 am to 6:15 pm. It was a long day. But I think good. I have some friends in my two library science classes (Information Policy and Cultural Foundations) and my Contemporary Poetry class seems awesome, even though it's filled with silly little undergrads.

In celebration of the end of the first day (and because we had a ton of ripe peaches and an awesome new Lego game) we invited some library science friends over to the house to play. It was great! I like having friends.

I'm working on a library project—have I mentioned this before?—to start a small library on the Southeast side of Iowa City. My library friend Beth and I are working together and I am so lucky that she came on board. Right now we're just treading water, waiting to get our non-profit status through The James Gang, but we've got our website, facebook page, and twitter accounts all ready to go. (We even have fancy business emails: cassandra (at) antelopelendinglibrary (dot) org. No big deal.) Claire designed us a super sexy logo (that we have yet to figure out how to implement) and someday soon we'll be starting an IndieGoGo (like Kickstarter, but for non-profits) and I'm sure you'll all be hearing a lot more about that when the time comes.

Yesterday I got the first official library book donation from my Dad (thanks, Dad!) and today two more boxes of kid's books arrived from amazing first-grade teacher Mrs. Podolak (Erin Podolak's mom) which I am also super stoked about. Now we just need non-profit status so we can start to approach local businesses to sponsor parts of the library and tell the Sycamore Mall that we can pay for the space and get this baby started! Sometimes I am so excited about it I can barely contain myself. Braeden will tell you. In my brain, it already exists and sometimes it is almost painful to me to think that it is still only in the very early planning stages. Even so, the plan is to open early next year. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep you posted.


Autumn said...

You are so insanely awesome...this is amazing! I think it is funny you don't know what to write about because you are making your dreams come true.

You should have your stake run a book drive.

Sara Passey said...

I love libraries! This sounds awesome. Glad you're posting again! :)

Erin Podolak said...

I'm glad you updated, I miss you and your blog. I'm also glad that the books arrived, I'm so excited to see where you take this project, I know it's going to be great.