Wednesday, May 30, 2012

in the spirit of the aviator

It has been over 3 years since I last saw my old roommates Sydney and Chaela. Since we parted ways in 2008, I started Library School in Iowa and got married, Sydney went to Botswana for 2 years with the Peace Corps, and Chaela served an 18-month mission for our church in St. Louis, MO and then moved to Pennsylvania. But despite the time and distance that has separated us, I still get teary eyed when I hear the Sufjan Stevens song Decatur because it reminds me of the great times we had together in the Pink House back in Provo. (Specifically one Sunday afternoon after Stake Conference where Chaela blasted that song in her car as we waited in line to get out of the Provo Tabernacle parking garage. Our friend Louis was so embarrassed because he didn't think that blasting loud music was Sunday-appropriate behavior but Chaela and Sydney paid him no mind, shouting and waving at people as we inched our way down and out on to the street. I just remember laughing and feeling happy and a part of something bigger than myself.)

Sydney and Chaela are two of the most vivacious, intelligent, beautiful, amazing, and inspiring women that I know. Being around them makes me feel smarter, more valued, and happier than my average self. Just thinking about them makes me smile.

They stopped by Iowa City to have lunch with me and meet Braed on their road trip from Pennsylvania to Oregon. I was flattered to be included in their cross-country tour. We had a nearly 2-hour lunch (generously facilitated by my supervisor at work who told me not to rush a reunion with old friends and to take as long as I wanted) at Mama's Deli in downtown Iowa City. It was fabulous. I wish these girls lived closer so that we could have more great times like this.

Sydney revealed that she is planning to marry her South African boyfriend and will be pursuing a Master's Degree in South Africa and Chaela is going back to BYU to finish her degree and, for the moment at least, is thinking about law school after that. I am so excited for them! There is so much more that I wish we could have talked about, so many questions that in hind-sight I realized I should have asked, but, lucky for me, we have the sometimes strangling web of technology to connect us and help us keep in touch, across time and space, regardless of the borders of nations and time zones.

Sydney, me, and Chaela.
(Oh, also I mohawked my hair this week. No big deal*.)
*this phrase was introduced into my vocabulary by Chaela. Life changing.

Girls, I am lucky to know you. Thanks for thinking of me here in the Midwest. Come back and visit any time!

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chaela said...

It was such a great time, thank you for your love and words!

Cassi you are so spectacular!