Friday, January 6, 2012

book gifts

A while ago I alluded to a book I sent to a friend in Boston but didn't post pictures of it because it was, you know, a surprise. There was also a book I said I'd made but couldn't show you because it was a gift.  Well, now here are some pictures of the books that had been shrouded in such mystery. Remain calm.

Teddy Bear book inspired by Jacob's second blog.
As soon as I saw this paper I knew it had to go into Jacob's book because
it looked gross and moldy and Jacob loves things that look gross and moldy.
This book was for Braeden's sister Vanessa:
it's a rebinding of her favorite book by Neil Gaiman.
I speckled the edges. No big deal.
So, there's a bookmaking update for you. I also gave Braed's dad a book for Christmas that I'd made for class but lamely forgot to take a picture before handing it over. I will tell you, however, that he really liked it. So much, in fact, that he kindly requested a handmade book each year. I love book love.

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My Worthless Degree said...

I don't think I've told you how much I love my book. Also, I have a friend who works at Harvard doing book conservation (how cool, huh? She worked on three first editions of Wuthering Heights--not that I enjoyed that book, but it's still cool in its own way) and she took a look at the book you made. She approved and said you did very well on it. I wouldn't know the indications of good craftmanship, but she does and applauded you. Good work. You've been praised by a pro book conservator.