Friday, December 16, 2011

our lil' Christmas tree

Remember how I fell in love with making little books? Well Braeden and I unearthed our own lil' Christmas tree so that we could hang this lil' beauty:
 It's a miniature version of the guest book that I made for our wedding, and I still had some materials left over (though I couldn't find all the materials—see if you can find the differences in the photo below) and I thought it would be the perfect first mini book ornament for our tree.

Pretty cute, right? Here are some of our other ornaments that we've gathered this year...
I made a paper star garland threaded with binding thread.
One of the glass ornaments I made at the State Fair this summer.
The Nauvoo Sun Stone ornament.
We also gave this to our family members who came out for our wedding.

The whole tree. Usually I'm not a fan of tiny trees but this year I'm all about it.
Yay for tiny things! Braed thinks we should make it a tradition to make a tiny book ornament ever year and make this tiny tree our book tree. I think that sounds lovely.

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