Thursday, October 27, 2011

weekend in madison!

We're in Madison!
We spent the weekend with our dear friend Erin in Madison, WI this weekend! I have to say (and I have), that it was pretty much a perfect weekend. Erin was a fabulous host—the weekend was an ideal balance between doing things and just hanging out and we left feeling happy and peaceful and rejuvenated from our weekend away. Win-win-win.

Saturday morning we went to the farmer's market and experienced its magical, counter-clockwise rotation and warm, jalapeno cheesy bread for ourselves. We spent way too much money on blown glass, art and fancy cheeses: we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Then we made delicious sandwiches and ate lunch outdoors on the terrace and took pictures in the giant versions of their famous starburst chairs (please see pictures above and below).
Me and Erin! In a chair!
Erin also gave us a campus tour that ended with some delicious Babcock ice cream (I got Union Utopia). I also found a building called North Hall (which is the name of the Center for the Book building here in Iowa). It was exciting.

 Then we went out to Picnic Point and bonded with Erin's amazing Madison friends over fire, hot dogs, and s'mores. It was beautiful and delicious and fun! Gold star to E-Po for that one.
The view from our fire site. Amazing.
Sunday Braed and I went to church (second Primary program in a row... score) then we went with Erin and her roommate Francis to Bagels Forever for East Coast style bagel goodness. (Thanks for the heads up on that, Keith!) We bought a baker's dozen of their 40 cent bagels to bring home and we have been eating them every day since—they are so good. AND! Fun fact: you can order your own and have them delivered to your very doorstep via their website. Do it: you know you want to.
Their bagels are so good I couldn't even keep my eyes open.
 After eating bagel breakfast on the Frank Lloyd Wright Monona Terrace, we headed over to the arboretum to explore the prairie fields, woodlands and marsh.
At the arboretum gift shop, I found this great series of kids books called Indestructibles. They have beautifully colorful pictures and I think they're made out of Tyvek, which is what makes them so strong. I thought that was awesome so I bought the Mama and Baby! one (all of their titles have an exclamation point at the end: very dramatic). They inspired me...

Also, there was a free, antique trolly tour.
Here Braeden & I are on the trolly tour. Cute.
So, in summary, Erin is awesome! So is Madison. Also, Wisconsin in general. And, you know, cheese.

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Erin Podolak said...

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed your visit! It was equally fun for me to get to explore my own city and cross some things off my Madison Bucket List!