Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Since Braeden and I got married I have often lamented to him how I feel like we have no friends. I know we were busy with the wedding for so long and then people were out of town for the summer and and we weren't in the single's branch anymore so suddenly we were out of our previous social circle, but still: it's been rough. It's different making friends with people who have kids already because it totally changes the whole dynamic: they can't hang out late unless they have a sitter or one of them stays home or we go to their house, which is fine except it means we have to be invited, not the other way around. And people with kids have a lot more going on than we do, generally speaking, so it's hard to find time to get together to begin with. Plus did I mention that we're in the Primary so we basically only know 3 year olds at church anyway?

But today I made a new friend. She's in our new ward and has 3 kids—5, 3, and 6 months—and she took a bookbinding class at BYU just like I did, so tonight we got together to make books. It was really fun! It was good because it meant I got to work on some books for my current bookbinding class that I've been putting off because of fear (I don't know why but case bindings always make me very, very nervous) and it was fun to just hang out and chat with someone else about her life and things in general. Plus, she had powdered donuts: always a win.

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